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Every musician knows the problem: a new band, gigs are coming up and you've got to have a name... Dictionaries, voting, picked a name, not quite that good, and so on. Here's your ultimate help for these cases: the interactive band name generator!!!

De Ultimate Interactive Bandname Generator
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  1. Choose the language, singular or plural, number of basic words etc.
  2. Click the "Make band name" button until you have your ultimate name or names.
  3. You can also use the automatic mode (prevents RSI!) You can change the options while the program is running!
  4. Copy good candidates with "Select Name".
  5. Personal words can also be fixed in the results (your own name?)
  6. Brilliant ideas? Simply type them in the big "Selection" box
  7. You can print the page for your nextband meeting discussing the new name!
  8. Or click on "Select All" and Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V and paste it into your word processor
  9. Remember the programmer of this tool when you receive your first platinum album...
  10. Check whether the name already exists using the Google button
  11. Got a gig with your band, create a poster using the poster generator!
  12. Would you like to check if your names exists, here are the links:

Disclaimer: We do not accept responsability for generating offensive, discriminating or otherwise inappropriate bandnames! Use the names at your own risk...

User reactions:

  • Half a century too late, but there it is!
  • This is the end of an era!
  • No more need for "The Who", "The Band", "Guess Who", "It", and the like.
  • A new dawn!
  • Unprecedented events are coming....
  • No really, nice piece of work chap!
  • Very entertaining indeed
  • Trying to get a grip on it....
  • This is one weird piece of crap!
  • I laughed until I stopped
  • Now there's nothing that keeps me from starting a band anymore!
  • ...



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